Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Captain Robert A. Bartlett

ERNESTINA ( catalog #2010 )
The Ernestina is one of only two sailing Arctic exploration vessels left afloat in the United States, the other being the schooner Bowdoin, also a National Historic Landmark. After a long and distinguished fishing and cargo-carrying career, Effie M. Morrissey (Ernestina) was purchased in 1926 by Capt. Robert A. Bartlett, Canadian-born Arctic explorer and captain for Robert E. Peary. After 1924, under Capt. Bob Bartlett, Ernestina or known at that time as "the little Morrissey" made 20 regular voyages north. On one voyage they reached within 600 miles of the Pole. In 2009, Captain Bartlett will be celebrated from Newfoundland and Labrador to New England.
Captain Bartlett Video Click Here.

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SPINNAK3R CW said...

I can't believe some of that footage in the video. You would have to be crazy to make that trip back then!