Sunday, June 8, 2008

Last Four-Masted Schooners

In June of 1932 the four masted schooners HESPER and LUTHER LITTLE were auctioned off and both "laid up" in Wiscasset, Maine ever since. The schooners were in good condition at the time, but the age of sail was near an end and no cargoes could be found. Both schooners were built in Somerset, Massachusetts, LUTHER LITTLE in 1917 at 204 feet and HESPER in 1918 at 210 feet. During a fierce windstorm on Oct. 15, 1995 the remaining rigging and masts totally destroyed what remained of the schooners. The last four-masted schooners in America were gone forever.

Four-masted schooner HESPER in 1932

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