Monday, June 2, 2008


In 1966, a handful of river-lovers decided to change the course of events that was destroying the Hudson, and reclaim a natural treasure for us all. They wanted to dramatize the rivers plight, recall its history, and help guide its future. They wanted to provide their fellow citizens with a first-hand look at the neglect and pollution of the river, and move them to action. So they built a boat. Launched in 1969, Clearwater is a 106-foot wooden sailing sloop designed after the famous Hudson River sloops of the 9th century, and it serves as a moveable classroom, laboratory, stage, and forum about the Hudson River. Each year, Clearwater accommodates nearly 13,000 children and adults for education sails that teach history, biology, and environmental science and navigation along the Hudson River, New York Harbor and Long Sound. For the rest of the story Click Here.

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