Monday, December 7, 2009

Three-Masted Schooner Rachel

The wreckage of an old sailing ship has surfaced again on the Baldwin County coast, Alabama, and a spokesman for Fort Morgan says it's most likely the three-masted schooner Rachel.
The ship ran aground in the early 1900s, and its most recent reappearance was on the beach six miles east of Fort Morgan after Tropical Storm Ida struck two weeks ago. Mike Bailey, Fort Morgan's events coordinator, says the Rachel was 155 feet long and was one of the largest Biloxi schooners built.
The Mobile Press-Register reports that Bailey says the ship was carrying a load of lumber when it ran into a storm, and ran aground because it was not carrying enough of a crew to handle it. The ship wreckage has reappeared on the beach, usually after storms, for at least 40 years.


dskey said...

If only we had more time (and money) to own a wooden boat - my plastic tupperware yacht fits my life style, but my love of wooden yachts will never die

Mississippi Girl said...

This ship was built by my great great great grandfather's daughter, Rachel. John Riley Bliss McIntosh was a pilot in the late 1800s and always wished to own a ship. He told his daughter Rachel to build it after his death and left her $100,000 in his will to build the schooner. She had it built, but soon after, the De Angelo ship yard in Moss Point, MS claimed it for dock fees. After that, it ran aground where it sits today. Just thought you'd like a little more info about the Rachel. I find the history of it fascinating.