Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Privateer Schooner LYNX

Lynx is a square topsail schooner based in Newport Beach, California. She is an interpretation of an American privateer vessel of the same name from 1812. The original Lynx played its part in running the British blockade, assisting the then almost non-existent American naval forces, and defending the American coastal waters and merchant ships against the Royal Navy.The replica of the Lynx sailing today was designed by Melbourne Smith - International Historical Watercraft Society, based on historical data, and built by Taylor Allen and Eric Sewell at Rockport Marine, Rockport, Maine. She was launched on July 28, 2001 in Rockport, Maine, making her a very new addition to the tall ship community. Her port of registry is with Portsmouth, New Hampshire.
Today, instead of fighting the British like her original counterpart, she serves as an education vessel. She teaches seamanship and history to those who step on her deck. Notably, the Lynx is known for her summer program where she sails to Hawaii with students. Along the way students learn about sail handling, navigation, seamanship, leadership and learning to face unforeseen challenges.

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Wonderful video of the Privateer LYNX.

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Melbourne Smith
Designer of LYNX