Monday, January 5, 2009

My New Book

By Maritime Photograp...

Wake of the Windjammers
Cruising along the coast of New England are the last of a great fleet of windjammers, once numbering in the thousands. Many of them transported cargoes of raw materials and supplies along the eastern seaboard and around the world; some fished on the Grand Banks; while others ferried pilots to ocean going ships entering and leaving major American seaports. The last remaining vessels have been designated National Historic Landmarks. These restored vessels, along with re-creations of the past, now carry passengers and maritime students on week and summer-long cruises. Following in their wakes , I continue to document these historic icons as they sail , in harmony with the wind and sea.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Fred! When do you expect the book to be on sale? I love the shot of the AE backlit and can't wait to see all your efforts.

Rick Spilman said...

Looks great. We featured your new book on the Old Salt Blog today.